Possible to install RAID card in second PCIe x16 slot on Asus P7P55D?

I have an Asus P7P55D motherboard and I'd like to install a LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i RAID card in the second PCIe slot. Sadly when I do so, the machine will not boot -- it has a memory error no matter what BIOS configuration options I use (including no overclocking of any sort.) I'm using a XFX GX260XADJC GeForce GTX 260 as my video card in the first slot.

I've heard some chatter about some "low end" motherboards being designed to only support two graphics cards. The LSI manual says this, "Note: Some PCI-E slots support PCI-E graphics cards only; if a RAID controller is installed on those PCI-E slots, it will not function." My motherboard manual says, "This motherboard has two PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots that support PCI Express x16 2.0 graphics cards complying with the PCI Express specifications."

So far LSI support as just said, "The motherboard listed is a gaming motherboard designed for multi-gpu usage. These slots are most commonly dedicated for video and would be the source of the problem. I would recommend attempting to use the controller in a server class system to correct the issue."

How do I sort out if my P7P55D PCIe slots are "graphics only" or "real" slots?
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  1. I started this same thread over on the Asus support forum and so far the feedback is second PCIe slot is "real." Any additional thoughts?

    Here is the answer so far over there from Asus:

    The second slot is an Universal PCI Express 1.1 x4 slot, delivered by P55 chipset, and should be able to take any PCIe cards
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