Dp67BG + i5 2500K OC 4.6Ghz..full load 4.17Ghz???

Hi everyone...
my MB is intel Burrage DP67BG + i5 2500K
GTX465 + Transcend 8G + Seventeam 850W

with 1.32V iam OCing my i5-2500K to 4.6 Ghz
The result my PC idle is at 1600Mhz thats normal for power saving..but
When I test stress my CPU with Prime95, CPU full load display in CPUZ Freq only 4.17Ghz
CPu clock is supposed 4.6Ghz in full load why is only 4.17Ghz in full load not 4.6Ghz????????????
i have latest update BIOS for MB Intel Burrage

all night trying to get it right..but helpless..i am already reading the Perfomance OC Guide manual from Intel
whats wrong with me setting...Please help me...Thanks for the advance
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  1. My guess is that the maximum power and/or the maximum current need increasing. These should be in the BIOS along with the other overclocking settings.
  2. Yeppers. Adjust those and you should be fine (assuming your cooling can handle the extra heat, of course). You should keep the peak Prime95 core temps (monitored using a program like Core Temp) below 75ºC for an everyday overclock.
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