Where is molex?


Before I go asking silly questions in the store I'll ask silly question here.

With my new computer I bought "LC Power LC8850 Arkangel v2.2" PSU. On the website it says it has 7 x 4-pin IDE MOLEX. If you see the link there is the picture of the PSU and all the slots. I can't find those 7 4-pin molexes. None of those looks like that. Please help!
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  1. There are 4-pin molex connectors (mid).
  2. the link shows a modular power supply. In the extra package of cables, you should see some 4 wire cables with a red wire, a yellow wire, and maybe one, but probably 2 black wires for powering the old IDE drives.
  3. I didn't get those extra cables.
  4. I know how the molex looks and I didn't find seven (7) of that kind of slots.
  5. Return to your dealer and demand for those cables.
  6. That's probably the best solution. Thank's anyway!
  7. The picture shows a black bag of cables. If you're missing anything from there then go and return it. Tell them you didn't get everything it says it has on the box.
  8. I did that and they admitted they forgot to give me that bag. Now everything makes sence. I got to wrong conclusions because I didn't know I'm missing something. It's all good now. Thanks.
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