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I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and I have a WD 1TB SATA hard drive. I know that that a lot goes on behind the scenes however recently my hard drive will periodically act like it's being hammered when I'm not doing anything in particular. I'm running Norton Internet Security on my PC and I doubt that I'm infected with anything and I've run malwarebytes and it has found nothing. Has anyone else seen this and is there any reason that I should be concerned?
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    Start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), click the "Performance Tab", and click "Resource Monitor..." to start the Resource Monitor.

    In Resource Monitor, click the "Disk" tab and click the "Total (B/sec)" column heading to sort the list of processes by the amount of disk I/O they're doing. It should be fairly easy to tell which process(es) are beating up the disk.
  2. Does it only happen when the drive is idle? If you try to do something with the drive, for example play back a video, does the hammering stop? There seems to be a 'problem' with certain hard drives (at least WD ones) that causes the drive to do a lot of seeking (and noise) when idle. This applies to green drives as well as blacks.
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