Fried(i think) motherboard

ok this is my first post on here and i hope it is in the right section, if not then i am sorry.
but i have an issue.
i have a gateway gt5220 pc and purchased a newer graphics card for it (nvidia 8800gt) and upon install it on the motherboard i learned that the generic power supply i have does not have the 6 pin connector it needs. so i get on newegg(if im not allowed to mention them please edit it) and purchase a new power supply (hec X-Power Pro 600 600W Continuous @ 40°C ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply). im still new to this and did now the difference between motherboards. i hooked it up and it didnt work. i can see now that my motherboard is an ubtx and the power supply is an atx model. does this make a difference? after hooking up the old power supply it will not come on. i did put the older graphics card back in and evrything is hooked up the way it should and its dead. so im guessing i fried the motherboard. i wanted to make sure that the power supply just wasnt bad so i hooked it up do an old dell i have and the light on the motherboard flashes and beeps instead of staying on with no beeping. im not sure of the motherboard in this unit but im guessing its an atx because of its age (purchased in 2000). i could be all wrong and understand that.

my main questions are:
did the atx power supply fry my ubtx motherboard?

did the beeping and flashing light indicate a faulty power unit?

if my motherboard is dead, what should i look for as a replacement(knowing what i know now i am going to have to buy a new case for it since the atx will not fit a ubtx case)?

any help will be great!
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  1. Atx, Ubtx, xyuz, abcde, doesn't really matter, they all use 3.3v 5.v and 12v lines so no problem there.
    Unfortunately can't define what happened, so a question. After you originally installed the 8800gt and found out it didn't work without the power source, did you remove it and turn the computer back on to see that it still worked?
    Lets say you did and then installed the new power supply, did you hook up the power plug for the cpu? The 4pin plug.
    I know you didn't crack the board installing the 20/24 pin mainboard plug by using too much pressure and not supporting it right.
    Also from your last statement you hooked up Which power supply to the old Dell?
  2. I found out about the 3 months ago that the 8800gt needed a 6 pin so up until two days ago the pc was working fine with the older power supply and graphics card.

    After I put the new psu and 8800gt in the pc it will not turn on. Took new stuff out and put old stuff back in. ( stuff= psu & graphics card). Pc will not turn on. During every stage of unplugging and plugging anything I am being very careful not to be the cause of the problem.

    As for the Dell I tried both new and old psu's on it to see if they worked or not and the old one works fine but the new one just makes that motherboard light go nuts beeping and flashing. That is not normal. It is normally a steady light with no loud beeping. That's what makes me think the new psu is defective.

  3. Yes from this information it seems pretty clear the new Psu is defective. Doesn't explain why the gt5220 wont fire up any longer though with the original psu. The only variation was you didn't place the 8800 in the old dell.
    Best bet now is to unplug the 5220 remove all cards in slots and pull the battery, let sit for half hour and try again with original psu and hope.
  4. Yeah the old Dell does not have pci express x16 slots to try out the 8800gt card.

    I will pull everything out and try that. Anything is worth a shot to savesome money right now.

  5. Yeah the old Dell does not have pci express x16 slots to try out the 8800gt card.

    I will pull everything out and try that. Anything is worth a shot to savesome money right now.

  6. umplugged everything including battery and went to work came home and hooked everything back up and still nothing. Not to worried about it though now since I am just going to buy a new motherboard/CPU combo and a new case. Just make a new one. Thanks for the help!
  7. ahem.. why dont you return the bad psu and maybe get like your money back...
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