HDD spindle rpm vs cache size: which rules?

Hi Folks,

Want to replace primary boot HDD in XP-Pro Lenovo W500 laptop (maybe W7-Pro later). Can't decide b/t 2 Western Digital 500GBs:

1) WD5000BEKT: 7200rpm, 16MB cache, 5yr warranty
2) WD5000BUDT: 5400rpm, 32MB cache, 3yr warranty

Std use: FFox, M$ Office, Adobe CS5, etc. Which would you choose & why? BTW, 'BUDT' is an 'advanced format' HDD. TIA for your time & help.
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  1. I would go for the 720RPM drive. The higher spindle speed will give you higher throughput and lower rotational latency. Plus it has a longer warranty. If you're willing to shell out more money I would recommend looking into a SSD. It has lower power consumption than both of those drives and blows them out of the water in terms of performance.
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    7200 rpm is better. Cache size is largely irrelevant.

    Caan you manage a SSD? It absolutely transforms your laptop.

    Assuming a SSD replacement would cost too much, consider the seagate momentus XT 500gb drive which has a 4gb nand cache which will give you ssd performance for the things you do most.
  3. 7200rpm clearly.
    Cache size has no importance, it's strictly marketing.

    If you have two bays for the hard disks, you may boot on a smaller SSD. I got a used Vertex II with 30GB capacity for 70usd last year.
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