What's the best back-up methods?

Hi everyone,
I wanted to do a nice clean re-install, so I just finished reloading Windows 7 and all my drivers and programs. It sure is time consuming. I would like to do a back-up or two so if i ever need to do it again, it won't take so long.
What would be the best ways to do it? I currently own a new WD My Book 1-TB External HDD, I also have the newest Acronis back-up software, and I might buy an additional HDD that matches the one I have (WD1002FAEX 1TB).
Any suggestion, tips, hints, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Live long and prosper.
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    Just like you, I use Acronis and backed up my computer right after installing OS, drivers, and basic apps. I stored the backup files in a DVD and also in an external HDD. You got all the tools.

    Qapla' batlh je (klingon words)
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