Lanparty dark p45-t2rs turbo e8400 overclock

cant overclock my e8400 on this board.. there is no way iam desperate cant get it over 3.3 ghz stable on 3.4 ghz it will boot up but it isnt stable higher than 3.4 it wont boot up iam using a 400w codegen psu and 4gb patriot cl5 800@mhz
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  1. Codegen PSU is junk, but that is not your problem.

    Take your memory settings off Auto and set your FSB:RAM ratio to 1:1 first. At stock freqs, your FSB freq should be 333 MHz and your memory clock should be 667 MHz.

    Then start increasing FSB freq.
  2. i also just increased just fsb but i cant boot when i get over 3.4ghz
    heres my bios
    dram timings,cpu feature etc.
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