No display on my monitor, please help! URGENT!

Okay, so I built my first computer today. I own an ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO mobo.

I double checked, triple, quadruple checked EVERYTHING. I'm getting two short beeps upon start up.

All fans and LED's work, heatsink fan works, doesn't fail on me. Tried switching RAM everywhere, took out my GPU because it has integrated graphics chip, and plugged it into my HDTV AND my monitor.

Nothing shows up, completely blank. The two beeps apparently mean there's something wrong with my hard drive (according to their site). Either way, I should be getting something on my screen. If my hard drive really is messed up I'll RMA it and go to best buy and get a cheap hard drive and use it as temporary storage until I get my 650gb hard drive back.

Can anybody help me with this problem, please?
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  1. The best place to start is to perform EVERY step in this checklist:

    READ before posting about boot problems!
  2. Simple, don't plug in the hard drive to see if you have video, if you do then figure out what you did wrong with hard drive cable or settings in bios.
  3. It's none of that stuff.
  4. Short beeps usually indicates a memory problem, as mentioned earlier, try just one stick of RAM. Make sure that you have checked to see if the correct voltage for your RAM is set in the BIOS. Good luck with getting it going.
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