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Computer: Gateway DX-4831 Windows7 64 bit. I have a Samsung ML-2525 USB laser printer attached to my machine (local printer). Printer is visible to home network. Whenever printer receives a print request (from local machine OR across the network) itstarts to print and then local computer immediately goes to Restart (black screen with Gateway logo, loading drivers, etc.) Win7 then interrupts with message Windows did not shut down properly do I want to sart Safe mode (3 variations) or normally. If I start normally computer comes up fine with no apparent problems. This problem started out of the blue - no new hardware or moving the machine or wiggling wires - nothing. Only action that happened before it was MalwareBytes updated its software.

I have tried doing system restore to before MalwareBytes update and to a point two days ago. No help. I have installed the latest printer driver. I have tried unplugging the printer power and USB connection and rebooting machine before replugging. I have changed which USB port the printer uses. No help.

I have moved the printer to the other computer in the house (an XP machine), installed software, and printer works fine (since it uses a different driver I don't think this is a useful test).

Only other thing I can think of happened several months ago . My son's iTunes software is installed on this machine and I updated the iTunes software. No end of trouble. It appears that iTunes could not see the iPod due to Win7's USB management. I updated the Intel USB software and drivers and there were no problems reported in Device manager but I never got iTunes to see the iPod. So, I have suspicions about my USB setup. (And this is a USB printer). However, why it would start the latest problem for no reason at all is a mystery.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  1. I have a similar problem on my HP Desktop running Win7. Had a Samsung ML2525 using USB connection and it started shutting the computer down (power off) whenever I sent a print job. Since the ink cartridge was getting low I Decided to buy a new Samsung 2955DW and discovered that it caused the same kind of crash even when using the wireless connection (and also usb). Then I noticed that it would cause the crash if I simply used the power button on the printer to wake it from sleep mode. I have the latest drivers and also have a Canon inkjet MP830 all-in-one connected that works fine on this computer.

    Anyone have any idea what is happening ?
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