Hello all just a quick question.I just bulit this system and i installed cpuz, but i think what it showing is not the cpu i put in, or mabye i just know how to read it.

i hope this link works :D

The spec for my cpu are
on the newegg specs it says 4000MHz and cpuz only shows 800MHz, is there something worng?

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  1. No, I think you are pretty much doing it wrong :P

    Regardless if you have the Phenom II x4 965 you linked or the Phenom II x2 550 CPU-Z is telling us you have, it is not running at 4Ghz.
    To date, the fastest AMD CPU runs at 3.4Ghz stock, your x2 550, 3.1Ghz.
    The 4Ghz number refers to the Hyper Transport speed.

    Your current speeds are lower than their rated because the CPU is in a low power state.
    Once you start using some CPU power, the multiplier and voltage will go back up and your speed will return to the standard 3.1Ghz.
  2. ok thanks i didnt know that 4000MHz stands for 4GHz :D, is there anyway to turn this lowpower state off just so i can see whats goin on? Also mabye someone knows a good progam to see what my temps are?
  3. Try Coretemp or Realtemp for the temps.

    Anything that loads the system will snap it out of the low power state.
    IDK, try loading a bunch of apps at the same time or something.
    Be sure to have CPU-Z open when you try and you should see the Multiplier+Clock Speed jump when you do.
    After everything is done using the CPU, it should drop back down into the low power mode again.
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