P55M-UD2 Pre-POST Reboot cycle

I'm having a problem with this new build:

Intel Core i5 750
Corsair XMS3 2X2GB
Raidmax RX-730SS 730W PSU
WD "Green" 1.5 TB SATA HDD
Raidmax ATX-798WB Case

I have the infamous reboot cycle that a bunch of other people apparently have, but I have RAM that nobody else seems to have had problems with as far as I can tell. It turns on for maybe a second, then turns off for 3 seconds or so, then repeats. I'm not even able to get into POST. Help is much appreciated.
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  1. Try doing a clear CMOS. Remove the RAM and power up the system, do you hear POST beeps? If you are not, check your processor installation... and yet, remove all the paper washers for those motherboard mounting holes.
  2. I've cleared the CMOS, and it didn't help. I can't even get to POST, and I'm sure the processor installation is ok. I never put in the washers.
  3. Check for bent pins in socket:
    Double-check HSF mounting/paste application - timing sounds about right for repetitive thermal shutdown...
  4. Firstly remove all your DIMMs, check if there's continuous long beeps from PC speaker.
    If you hear nothing, it means the board can't self debug. It leads to improper processor installation (even Bilbat's bent socket pins) or the board has failed (unsupported processor or other failures).
  5. Have you fixed your problem yet? I have the same issue as you but it could be your power supply. Although my computer will start up after it looped a couple times.


    I might go to bestbuy and see if they have any v2.3 PSU laying around. It sucks
  6. make sure you have the additional power cord connected. there is the main motherboard power, and then there's an extra one right next to the CPU.
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