Need help picking a motherboard

Is there any motherboard worth considering that is better than the ASRorck Extreme 4 P67?
I need it to have USB 3 on the I/O port, onboard SATA III, crossfire compatible with at least two cards, run DDR3 2133 stably and preferably be ATX form factor. The budget for the board is $160. It could be a P or Z chipset.

The theoretical build:
Lancool PC-K59
i5 2500k
G.Skill DDR3 2133
Corsair HX750W
Samsung F3 1TB
OCZ Agility 3 60GB
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  1. Don't get the 2133MHz RAM it won't help you out. That's a good board for your $160 budget, I don't know of any boards I would recommend over it. If you don't need quick sync or SRT, then I'd get it.
  2. The RAM was on sale for $50 this weekend so I figured I'd go ahead and try it.

    Thanks. That's what I had kind of figured. I forgot to mention I will eventually be crossfiring two 6870s.
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