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Hello Everyone,

For the past month i was experiencing wireless connection problems on my laptop. Upon trying to diagnose and fix the issue i realized that there were several files missing on my laptop however the only one i can remember is the msiexec.exe. I tried restoring my laptop to a previous point several times but was unsuccessful. However, as a result for some reason now i can no longer log into the internet. My wireless connection icon on the tray has disapeared and when i double click on the Internet Explorer icon nothing happens. I ran a malwarebytes scan which yielded 5 trojans. I also ran Avast Virus scan which yielded two viruses.

I tried repairing the windows XP files using the windows XP cd repair option. However upon completion of the repair the laptop boots up but doesn't make it to the desktop. Instead it just keeps restarting. Right before its suppose to get to the desktop, it restarts itself again. This is so frustrating.

Can anyone assist fix my laptop?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Ohhhk, so..

    It a cyclic reboot, try running a repair disc and then booting into safe mode and rip the remaining virus's using rkill > mbam > Avast > Combofix.

    If this doesn't work I would recommend a fresh install of windows.
  2. When u say run a repair disk do you mean the repair function using the windows XP disc?
  3. Probably means run a CHKDSK with /f /r to repair any corruptions.
  4. Hey this will teach you all you need to know about repairing your operating system via boot cd.

    Xp guide:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:



    This is a good guide for Vista :/ but XP will virtually be the same..
  5. Unfortunately i cannot complete a repair using my windows XP CD, i keep getting the following message;

    Setup has already attempted to upgrade the following Windows installation
    C:\WINDOWS "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"

    Setup will try to complete the upgrade again.

    •To retry upgrading to Windows XP, press Enter

    •To continue installing a fresh copy of Windows XP without repairing, press ESC

    •To quit Setup, press F3

    If I hit Enter it copies the filed to the Windows Installation Folders then once this process has completed the laptop restarts itself and i run into the same propblem of it continuasly restarting.

    If i hit R, it gives me the Windows Recovery Console which asks me, "Which Windows Installation would you like to log onto <To cancel, press ENTER>? however, i am not quite sure what to do here.

    Has anyone ever experienced this?
  6. I forgot to mention, i am unable to boot in safe mode. When i try i get the following message; "Windows XP Setup cannot run under Safemode, Setup will restart now."
  7. Shimmy!

    Your best bet is to complete a fresh install on a new partition that you can make in custom installation (I think)
  8. If i complete a fresh install will i loose all my stored information?
  9. If you install a new OS on a separate partition you wont loose you data on the other partition as far as I know.

    Two OS on the one Drive (Info):
  10. if i complete a fresh install on a new partition, how will i be able to access my stored information?
  11. You can open "Computer" and view your other drives/partitions.. as if it was an external hdd.
  12. Hey Guys,

    After several unsuccessful attemps to fix the issue, I bit the bullet and reformatted my pc. Thanks for all the feedback. Please close this post.

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