HiperGroup - Out of business?

Are Hiper out of business or has their customer support just gone down the drain?

My PSU has just died after 2 years but whilst under a 3 year warranty I can not for the life of me get in contact with them. They NEVER answer the phone or reply to emails. Does anyone have any information to shed some light on the situation?
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  1. well there web site is still up so i dont think there out of business.

    all i can say is keep trying.

  2. Not anymore it's not.
  3. Their web site is no longer working.
    A couple of months ago, I tried to RMA a faulty PSU.
    I got the RMA form submission ok (while days later, links to the RMA section did not work anymore).
    I sent the PSU to the indicated address (Netherlands) and, aftwer a couple of weeks, the postal service returned my package. I tried to contact *all* the Hiper email addresses found in their "contact" page to no avail. I never rexeived any answer.
    So, at the end I lost 50€ sending the package and I felt really stupid.

    Beware: DO NOT buy anything from this company, since they are dead.
  4. There website is working fine for me.

    If they were in craper they would put up a notice to all there customers on their website saying they were out of business.
  5. I have been trying since July to get ahold of them. Their contact info for USA was up then so I emailed them and got no response, So I tried their UK Department and still got nothing.

    Their contact info page is removed too.
  6. Website seems ok for me, I hope they are ok as I have couple of years on my warranty. Just buying a new psu as well so thanks for the heads up. Won't be buying another Hiper
  7. So glad someone else ran into this issue. No response from them on a warranty repair inquiry as well. While their website "works", I find it interesting there are no links to their contact page w/in their website. Had to search their site via google to find contact addresses.

    I realize Tom's latest review of PSU's is over a year old, but it recommends the Hiper unit.

    As far as I'm concerned, if Hiper doesn't respond to support their products, especially warranty repair, they're out of business in my book.
  8. Try this:

    Alexander Mast

    Marketing Director

  9. JohnnyLucky said:
    Try this:

    Alexander Mast

    Marketing Director


    Tried that one too. I'll post here if I hear anything.
  10. mj122 said:
    Tried that one too. I'll post here if I hear anything.


    Been tryting to contact them too. Just wondered if you had any luck?.

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