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I have an Asus M4N72-E board, AMD 5000 , 4gb Corsair DDR800. I have flashed the bios to the latest, can set all voltages except vcore. Increase it to any thing past auto and the system will not boot, no post, no video, nothing. This is an AM3/AM2 board. Contacted Asus tech support and they say it might be a glitch in the bios. Removing every non essential component does not help. Can someone give me a idea as to what is wrong?
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  1. have you checked what the Vcore is when its on AUTO ?, You can check this with CPU-Z.

    When you find out the Vcore go back into the BIOS and put the exact same Vcore manually into the BIOS, make sure you have load line calibration enabled. This should post as your using the same voltage as the AUTO setting.
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