Can't port forward some ports, getting desperate :(


I have a game I would like to play with some friends,
Therefor I have to portforward certain ports


So that they can join me on my game

I have a DI 624+ (router)
And it doesn't seem to work out
I did thesame thing about a year ago, and then it DID work, but now I can't get it to work
So I go to my router, and portforward those 4 like here:

I think that is the correct way to portforward? I did it like that before and it worked
But now, it doesn't when I check at, I get this message when testing the ports:
Error: I could not see your service on on port (7100)
Reason: Connection refused

It tells me they are not open

Well, I removed all AV from my computer (kaspersky), made sure all windows firewall and stuff was turned off, and still the ports refused to work

Can anyone help me here? I'm getting very desperate :S

Extra pics:

Router settings:

Is that the correct way to add a port?
Is, the right private IP? (it is the one I get from

My routers firewall settings

I made my computer a demilitarized zone, that IP you see is the one the router gives to my computer

Something wrong here? Should I use the IP the router gives to my computer (look Demilitarized zone) or the one I get from

IPCONFIG: (I'm not sure which is my LAN IP etc)

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  1. Anyone has a solution to this?
  2. You should open the ports in the firewall section. If you were in the firewall section you should be forwarding to the internal IP of your computer which should be It looks like the IP you're using is the external IP.
  3. K, it seems like you know what's wrong here :p

    I've now updated my first post with more info, and pics, including firewall etc

    I think the problem is that I used my external IP ( instead of my LAN IP on some places, I'm not sure

    So maybe with the help of more pics you could tell me? :p

    thanks mate!
  4. The IP is the one that the ISP is assigning to your cable/dsl modem.
    The address is the IP that your computer is getting from your router. You need to forward the ports to, not the address. Essentially what you have right now with the wrong forwarding is you created a loop. A packet comes into the modem, gets forwarded to the router, the router forwards that packet to 81.82.xxxxxx which just sends it back to the modem. It goes nowhere in the end.
    Change all your port forwards to and you should be set to go. Be sure to remove the incorrect 81.82 forwards first.
  5. Nice!
    Works like a charm :D

    The game is running and people can connect now :p

    But still says there is a problem
    Error: I could not see your service on on port (8484)
    Reason: Connection refused
    Probably means it isn't such a good tool to check if your ports are open?

    thanks dude! I've been struggling like 2 weeks on this :D
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