New 2TB hdd stopped working, not letting any bios detect others

need help with a brand new hard disk.
I have an i7 930, 12 gb ram, 2 dvd writers , and 3 hdd ( WD black 1TB, WD green 1TB and a seagate 2 TB barracuda green). Running on Windows 7.

The 2 TB i bought 2 weeks back.
Made three partitions 641 gb each. One had music, one photos and one videos.
Its been running perfectly fine.

Today i changed the hdd compartments. The computer worked fine, but after restarting , it gave an error - "reboot and select proper boot device............"
On entering BIOS None of the hard disks are being detected.

But when i disconnect the 2 TB hdd, the computer works perfectly fine.

I have tried using windows 7 cd and using only the 2 TB disk it still does not it does not get detected,But i can hear the disk whirl.

I have also put it in an external drive and connected through usb, nothing!!!

I know the answer that it most probably has died, but is there anything i can do ... atleast one of the partitions out of the three should be recognised???.

Not to mention my friend and i had before this bought the new external seagate 2 TB goflex.
He took his entire backup and it died on him in 2 weeks time.
I was so scared of the same happening to me i thought an internal would be more secure as my computer is on 24x7 and my wester digital black and green have never let me down over two years now. Hence i bought this 2 tb internal. now am scared to even open my 2 tb external which has all my movies ....
Why are they just dishing out crap.... are there better ways to back up your stuff....
Any help on any of my questions appreciated.
Am gonna lose 9 years of my data.
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  1. anyone?
    there are 3 partitons on it, will there be no way to access any of them?
    it does make a whirling sound and then a few slight clicks and then it dies down...
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