When is the new i7 CPU and Motherboards coming?

I'm more concerned with value, power and performance.

My friend told me that future CPU's will have a 35nm and i should wait for CPU's and motherboards at the end of the year or early next year. And do not get the new i7 series right now.

At the moment the ASUS Rampage II Extreme in Australia is $669 and the Intel Core i7-EE965 is $1899

Question: Should i wait for the new series at the end of the year? Or should i take a gamble and buy those two components and hope i did not waste my money?

Question 2: When is the next series of CPU's and motherboards coming out?
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  1. Lies. Get the i7 now.
  2. May be you are talking about i5 series. It's the 32nm, less power series. Less powerful than i7.
    Becos, i7 uses triple channel memory while i5 uses dual channel.
    Go for i7 instead of just waiting for new processors to come for rescue.
  3. Those 2 components are WAY overpriced if you're concerned at all with value. Go for the i7 920 and the P6T Deluxe V2 for a MUCH better value for your money. I built a whole i7 PC with brand name parts from scratch and didn't even spend as much as that 965 processor ALONE costs.
  4. ^+1 on the no i7 965.

    Depending on if you will OC or not,etc waiting for the i5 may be a good choice (as it will also drive down i7 prices a bit).

    Note: IF you decide to go with i7 YOU WILL NOT be able to go back to i5 and vice versa.
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