Water Heating Problems

I have a Swiftech H20 320 Edge ...its a triple rad with integrated pump.

Its hooked to north bridge heat sink then to a south bridge heat sink and then connected two HD 6870 GPU heat sinks in series and that's the end of the loop.

The CPU is on its on ALL in one integrated system by ANTEC. There is no problem with this its get temps in the thirty's.

The ambient temperature is pretty hot. It around high 70's and low 80's

My problem is whenever i do any kind of video intensive anything...its shutdowns. I watch the temp on AMD catalyst and I watch it go from 61 C to 107 C and shutdown...pretty quick with in 20 seconds it rises.

I'm not sure whats the problem.

Could it be the fact the ambient temperature is so hot. If this is the case then when the temperature goes down... I should see better results but what I'm concerned about is there going to be a similar problem when i try overclocking even in better ambient temp.

I used a little bit of coolant from my first attempted and i had a leaks and wasted most of the coolant and then bought Thermal take coolant and that's about 80% of whats inside it. I don't think that's the problems

I have it hooked to 4 pin molex and three pin on the motherboard.

Supposedly if i just have the pump 4 pin molex connected and not three pin then it will be at full speed. I feel the pump going when I touch the tubes. I have the three fans on rad connected and I think there at the highest.

My final thought was that i overshot and there is to much on the loop.

Take any advice.

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    Sounds like you have something blocking your blocks, your radiator or your pump. Double check to make sure the tubing moving is from the pump and not from the should be a fairly strong pulsing feel when you squeeze the tubing.

    Are you sure your GPU blocks are fully seated? You might have obstruction in your NB or SB blocks as well. Is it a MB that has built in blocks, or did you add them? Is it possible to bypass the NB and SB blocks to see if they are the problem?

    In theory, you shouldn't have too much running for that loop to might be warm, but nowhere near those temps. And depending on your ambient, you shouldn't see watercooling temps at 60C on GPUs even at loads...maybe 50's. If your CPU is running 30C or so...your GPUs should be close.
  2. Thanks for your advice.

    I drain the system and clean out the GPU water blocks but I also noticed that the screws to seat the blocks weren't all the way fasten so I decide to thread them to a snug fit. When I originally put the water blocks I was concerned that I would break chip on the GPU if tighten to much but I think I did the opposite.

    I also switch the input so it would go through the GPUS first and then the rest of the system. I find this working pretty good.

    My GPU's don't go over 42 C whenever I use them visual intensive application. It is also 82 F ambient temperature. Well i haven't tried them on Crysis 2 yet or overclocked them but so far so good.
  3. Flow order in your loop doesn't matter for temps at could completely reverse the flow and it should make no difference. The one thing you want to absolutely avoid is having air in your's natural during filling but air can get trapped in your radiator and cause it to be much less effective. Also, never let your pump run without water...if it gets airlocked, shut it down or you'll burn out the bearings.
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