What's my problem here? Graphics or Pocesser? What Can I do?

As it is apparent, the dell e6500 is known to have overheating problems and CPUthrottling once it gets too hot. I heard these models can be Overclocked, though will that help me?

I play World of Warcraft and at times, my computer will reach 100% CPU capacity when played on the lowest settings. Will overclocking help this? or could it be that my graphics card on this computer isn't good enough?

My processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T995 @ 2.66GHz
My memory: 4.00 GB
64-bit operating system
Running vista
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  1. You dont overclock flaptops,
    Your graphics arent the best but WoW utilises cpu more to process the shinies on Azeroth/Outland
    bit of housekeeping on the lappy might help you out a bit but I'm not too hopeful, I'd say build/buy a desktop to be honest with you, more options and flexibility, of course it may not be an option for you I realise
    **Plus, lose Vista, guildies had no end of issues with that O/s lol**
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