SSD HDTune Rollercoaster - expert help please!

Hi guys, I will try and make my problem very brief.

Specs: Vista Ultimate 64bit, Core Duo P9500, ATi 3870 X2, 4GB RAM

Original Problem: Getting Starcraft 2 Stuttering/Lag (not internet) problems. Desktop HUDS lag when dragged around fast.

HDTune Pro says HDD has 4 bad sectors. Determined HDD To be culprit.
Bought new OCZ Vertex 2 60gb SSD.
Installed new Vista 64 Ultimate, updated ALL drivers, and new OCZ Firemware 1.29.
Starcraft 2 still stutters!
Ran HDTune Pro tests on SSD; getting consistent weird graph (both as master/secondary drive), please see below. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">

Is there a deeper problem causing this graph? Can it explain my stuttering in Starcraft 2?

Please help, I have spend many days/hours trying to fix my problem....
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More about hdtune rollercoaster expert please
  1. Does anyone have any advice on what the problem is?
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