To heatsink or not to heatsink, that is the question!

Hello everyone!

Quick question here:

1. is a custom CPU heatskink really THAT necesary?

2. I mean, isn't the Intel i5 2500k CPU's heatskink enough?

3. ... or is a custom heatskink just recomendable for CPU overclocking?

4. Could I still overclock the i5 2500k with the heatskink that comes in the box?

One last question:

5. I'm planning on getting an ASROCK P67 Extreme4 (B3) motherboard. If I ever decide I want to install a custom heatskink for the CPU, will I have to remove and unscrew the mobo from the case in order to install it?

... well, turns out it wasn't just a "quick" question after all, lol.

Thanks in advance! :D
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    #1. If you are not overclocking, probably not.

    #2. If you are not overclocking, probably.

    #3. Yes. Or when you have thermal problems in a poor case.

    #4. Probably - but not to the CPU's full potential.

    #5. Unless your after market heatsink has pushpins, yes. If your case has a cutout on the motherboard tray (many do now) under the CPU socket, no.
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