Low FPS on non-graphics intensive games

Hey, So mainly I play World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2. I was getting between 8fps and 17fps, so i decided to swap out some parts.

First i swapped out my VisionTek X1550 (512mb) for an Nvidia GTS 250 (1gb). Nothing changed. I tried uninstalling the drivers, then reinstalling them, but nothing changed, so i decided to try something else.

Next, i swapped out my processor. I had an AMD 5000+ (2.6mhz dual core) for an AMD 5600+ (2.8mhz dual core) which is the best my motherboard supports. But still, nothing changed.

I have 3 gigs of RAM, which my motherboard only supports 4, and my power supply has a max output of 250W. My next move is to go to fry's and get a new power cord because my GTS 250 has 2 power jacks, though it only came with one 6pin adapter, so i'm going to go and geta new one.

This is really annoying me because alot of my friends have worse setups than i do, but are running these games at much better settings than i am.

Hoping for the best,
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  1. I am surprised that your vga card runs at all.
    The GTS250 requires a 450 watt psu with 24 amps on the 12v lines.

    Your current psu has nowhere near that capability. The card must be defaulting to 2d mode which requires less power.

    I suggest a psu like the corsair 450VX or better:

    Do not go by the wattage alone. Look for a unit from a quality vendor like Corsair, PC P&C, Seasonic, or Antec.
    A psu is NOT the place to economize.
  2. Thanks a bunch, I'll try this then report what happens
  3. But do you think that I might need more cooling?...right now I'm just using the HP stock case that my computer came with...I've replaced everything but the motherboard, and am hesitant to get a new case...
  4. I'm upgrading to a 500W PSU, is that enough to run everything?
    And it comes from Fry's in a package with a Raidmax Windstorm case...both for $99...trying this
  5. Or you can try this and save :


    I use this PSU at work with a GTS 250 and it works fine... 90FPS in CoD4 on a Dell Xps 410 <--- low end
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