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I play minecraft...its amazing. Ive made a dedicated server for me and my friends and it made me think. Instead of have a server at my house is there a way to buy or rent an off-site server that i can set up and access remotely.

Like access it through by IP or a program they use, put minecraft server software on it, and run it remotely and if needed repair it remotely.

Any info would be great, id try to research this myself but i have no idea where to start looking.

thank you
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  1. google "server hosting" - plenty out there. Way cheaper than having your own.
  2. This Google server hosting, does it allow me and add and run programs on it, such as minecraft server software
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    I meant do a search for "server hosting" using Google. Of course, feel free to use Bing or Yahoo or whatever.

    You can also be more specific - I just googled "minecraft server hosting" and there are several results that look good - including - I'm not endorsing this site, I just found it.
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