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using a p4ht 2.8ghz cpu in an asus p4c800e deluxe, sometimes when my newly-built, all used parts, computer is unexpectedly shut off, such as the reset button, power failure, etc. the motherboard says through the speakers "system failiure, cpu...(not sure what the last word is, could be "fan" or "bad". the only way to get the computer working again is to take the hsf off, take out the cpu, put it back in, waste arctic silver 5, etc. why, and how can i fix it? is my mobo bad
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  1. Make sure you have both the atx 20 pin and 4 pin 12v connectors from the power supply making good contact with the board. Try reinstalling both and the power cord. I recently installed a new msi board, and it wouldn't power up until I removed the board battery for a few seconds to reset the bios and removed and reinstalled the power cord. You may also try a better power supply. I'm not talking more wattage; many low end ps are junk. Get a quality brand ps such as antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, ocz, enermax, or seasonic. None of these are low cost; but it's better to buy one of these with less wattage than a cheaper brand that may fail under load.
  2. ive tried the poweer cable/ battery thingy. but its a good idea. my power supply is a Mad Dog MultiMedia 350W PSU is crap? im not sure how expensive it was, because i got it used. however, i used the antec online psu wattage calculator, and my system only needed 275w according to it. also, i suspect the psu is good, because it has 2 fans, which makes it better
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