My PC is dysfunctional.

I'm DeXTeR.OrBiT :bounce: and I have a problem with my Gigabyte Mobo.

Here are my specs;

Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2C Motherboard and Gigabyte Chassis
No Name 350W ATX PSU with 16A on the +12v Rails and Non-Working Fan
Transcend DDR2 1GiG
1 SATAII HDD @ 7200 RPM and 2 IDE HDD's @ 7200 RPM
Unbranded DVD-RAM
Intel Wolfdale E5200 @ 2.5 GHz
Intel GMA 3100

Ever since I got this PC I had no problems with it, until some time ago the PC would not boot, the symptoms were:

Power Light = Solid
HDD Light = Solid
Fans (System and CPU) = Spinning
Monitor = Light flashes but does not come on

I used to get past this by switching my Outlet power off for about an hour and then it would come on. Then suddenly other problems popped up:

AT random times the computer would show the Intel Video BIOS Screen or freeze during POSTing or freeze during the loading of windows or it would freeze in windows. :fou:

This used to happen very rarely but it got worse and the problems appeared more often until a few weeks ago the same problems spoken earlier came up. My usual solution didn't work and the computer would refuse to POST hence the monitor would not turn on. (The light kept flashing)

I believe that any problem on the PCI Bus would prevent a computer from POSTing, and I have a strong feeling of where the problem is (My onboard Graphics). Because the GMA is connect to the PCI Bus.

I am going to buy a Graphics Card and a quality name brand PSU to test if the Onboard graphics is really the problem.

But I will wait for your oppinions before I take that step.
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  1. Bringing up one of those (GB G31) in the next few days - will post back with suggestions...
  2. Power supply sounds like a problem!!!
  3. OK - I got it running. I did a G31-ES2L for a buddy of a buddy, and I noticed two peculiarities: one, it does not load XMP/EPP SPD settings with "Load Optimized Defaults" - had to set up the RAM (it set 4-4-4-12 DIMMs to 5-5-5-15) by hand; second, it has an enormous Vdroop - had to dial in over 1.36V to actually get 1.29 - but that may have something to do with the fact we used a 'recycled' case & power supply - only 300W on a twenty pin supply (but, oddly enough, it had a 2x2 12V connector... Have a lowly 2G E1400 running at 3!

    Couple things:
    If you haven't done a BIOS' "Load Optimized Defaults", do one now; save, exit, reboot; then, in the BIOS:

    On the "Advanced BIOS Features" page - set:

    "Init Display First" to "Onboard" (for some ungodly reason, these things default to 'PCI'!)
    "Onboard VGA" to "Always Enable"
    "On-Chip Frame Buffer Size" to "8MB+1~2MB for GTT"

    On the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page - set:
    "Robust Graphics Booster" to "Auto"
    "Performance Enhance" to "Standard" (remember - the GPU is using main memory, if it's bolixed, so is the GPU...)

    Sve, exit, and reboot...

    Get a copy of MemTest86+ here:
    Unzip it to and .iso; burn the iso to a CD, and you'll have a bootable RAM tester; set up your CD/DVD in the boot order, boot it up, and let it run at least a full pass...
    Report back, and I can likely help...
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