To short stroke or not

Hello all,

I have 2 WD velociraptors 300g that I plan on raiding. My main boot drive is ssd 64gig. Storage will be a 1TB something.

I've noticed that at about 160g read point on HD tune performance starts a gentle decent towards lousy numbers. Before that point, hangs around the 120mb/s mark.

I was thinking of stroking it at 200g. This will still give 2/3 storage and cuts off before the numbers reach their lowest.

Any opinions would be helpful.

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  1. What are the WD's going to be used for that you feel it worth "short-stroking" them? With your system driven by a SSD, you'll get little real world benefit for "secondary" drives... IMO
  2. The WD are to be used for system programs, office etc, and games. I want to limit the ssd to as few programs as possible, size dependent.

    According to the graph, the wd are at 80 mb/s at the end, but at about 100 by 200g. This is why I was going to cut them off there. This also reflects hd tune findings.

    I was thinking that it would keep the performance above 100mb/s at all times and still retain decent storage size.

    It's just an idea I'm kicking around. Trying to squeeze a little more performance out of it, that's all.

    I guess in reality, it would be more of a medium stroke than short. :)

    Thanx for the fast response.
  3. Short stroking should also have an effect on random access times (less head travel distance) although I've never seen benchmarks. So you're still allowing 2/3 of the drive to be used.

    Regular application load performance you probably won't get that much benefit from what you describe. It's already a velociraptor, and I assume you mean raid 0.
  4. RAID 0 is correct. I think I'll try a benching them in full configuration and then at 2/3. This won't happen for another couple of weeks, damn job keeps interfering with my life, but I'll post the results when I do. HDD storage is so cheap now, to loose a couple hundred gigs is not a problem.

    Showing my age, I remember shelling out a couple of hundred more to get the optional 3.2 gig drive upgrade vs the stock 2.2 or something. This is a great time to be building computers for low cost. I still have a soft spot for 5 1/4 floppies though.

    I have to rip my build apart to fix a NB cooling problem with my MB. That's when I'll
    install the ssd, upgrade to W7 etc.

    Thank you all for the help. It is appreciated.
  5. About a year ago I tried short stroking a pair of WD blacks (Think it was the 640s). It did provide a nice boost (No where near an SSD). It cut the access time from 12.5 mSec to about 9.5 mSec.
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