ASUS P5KPL-AM SE LGA 775 Intel G31 Intel Motherboard

ASUS P5KPL-AM SE LGA 775 Intel G31 Intel Motherboard. Our office just bought this motherboard in order to replace another one which isn't working properly.

The CPU is a Dual Core Pentium D 945. The salesperson insisted that is should work. However, when I inserted the Pentium D on the new motherboard, it wouldn't get past POST. It says on the specs of the new board that it's compatible with Core 2 CPUs. It doesn't mention anything about support for the older dual cores on the box, the manual nor on Asus' website.

Are the P5KPL and the Pentium D electronically incompatible, or was the board we were given problematic?
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  1. According to, a Pentium D should run fine on the board. Either the board or the CPU may have a problem.
  2. Amazon is a third-party website that has nothing to do with the manufacturers or hardware vendors. Never rely on information from unaffiliated or unauthorized third-party websites.
  3. my ASUS p5kpl -amse works and still working with Pentium Dual Core E5200(2.50GHz,800FSB,L2:2MB,rev.R0)

    and BTW i cant find anywhere like "Dual Core Pentium D 945"...

    try to double check...
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