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hello, i am currently running the latest version of the ATI drivers on my Radeon HD 3870 (or at least i think how can you diffidently tell what version you are on?). and the "display driver" keeps crashing this happens when i am playing a game AND when i am not playing games. it used to happen only once a day but not it happens pretty regularly and it is driving me nuts! so can some one please tell me a fix for this problem i really need one thanks.

OS- vista 64 bit (just pre orderd win7 yay!)
GFX card - Radeon HD 3870

ps: i will be uninstalling and re-installing the drivers and will post back if that works but please give me some help.
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  1. Make sure Vista is fully updated, check the temperatures on your card by using the Catalyst Control Center or GPU-Z and make sure they aren't too high, and, is the card overclocked?
  2. http://www.majorgeeks.com/downloads28.html

    Snoop around here^^^ maybe something will jump out at you,you should consider getting something that can completely remove any video drivers [like "Your Uninstaller 2008"] any version of Everest,, can tell you what version you are running,suggest try reinstalling your drrectX,and maybe you do have a heat problem,because that is one thing that can cause repeated stoppages ..:)
  3. If you had Nvidia drivers before and did not clean them out properly, this may be a problem.
    You would use a program like Driver Cleaner Pro.
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