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how do I get my printer to print wireless from my lap top. windows 7
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  1. Get a printer with wireless built-in.
  2. Hi,

    Insert the installation disc into the CD ROM and follow the instructions from the installation wizard.

    Then connect the USB cable from the computer to the printer.

    Continue the instruction process until you get SSID and wireless key security.

    You need to use this information while entering the wireless network.

    After following all the instruction steps from the installation wizard you can disconnect the USB cable and then you can print wirelessly.
  3. insert the disc into the computer or the printer, my printer can take a disc? I already had my printer wireless with my laptop but I just lost the connection today

  4. In which case you need to reconstitute the network from the printers small screen menu as you did when you first installed it. Has anything changed in the router's settings - security key, access, etc.? If the printer isn't still showing the laptop, run eth Add a Network printer procedure.

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