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Hello All:
I have a MSI Z68MA-ED55 board with an i52500k. It works well and its a stable overclock to 4.5 Ghz. The thing I'm curious about is the Graphics core clock. Its set at 850, but I see I can change it. Should I? I'm using the onboard 3000 graphics in the i5 chip with great success, I'm not a gamer but do lots of video editing / converting so would a faster GPU clock help?
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    The best way to find that out is to test it yourself. Jack up the iGPU clock by 100MHz and see if that improves performance with video editing and such. Then you can be the one informing other people, instead of the one asking the question.
  2. Video editing with integrated graphics? If you can afford a 2500K, can't you afford a decent GPU?
  3. Sandy Bridge's Quick Sync is quicker than any discrete graphics card at encoding/decoding/transcoding.
  4. I wouldn't recommend overclocking that gpu. If you can grab a faster videocard if you what to speed things up. You should have gotten the 2600k, hyper threading really helps a lot in video transcoding.
  5. Well I think "Leaps From Shadows" is right in both posts...
    1) the integrated 3000 graphics can beat ANY discrete graphics card at transcoding via "quicksync"
    2) I should have done some tests on my own re: overclocking the graphics clock.

    I did up the graphics clock and it made NO difference in editing times, but it did make a difference in transcoding. I have settled on a 200 Mhz overclock for now.
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