RAID 0 from XP to 7 PRO

My XP system died and I want to migrate my RAID 0 drives to my new Windows 7 PRO system. Does anyone know how to do this without losing the data on the drives?
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  1. A <a href=””>striped (RAID 0) volume created using dynamic disks</a> through the Windows Disk Management Console can be moved from a Windows XP system to a Windows 7 system. The TechNet article <a href=””>Move Disks to Another Computer</a> outlines the process of moving disks from one computer to another.

    RAID 0 arrays created on a RAID controller contain configuration information which is often specific to the RAID controller or RAID controller manufacturer. For more information on moving a RAID 0 array from a RAID controller to a new controller contact the hardware manufacturer for further information. As an example, information on moving a RAID array from one Intel chipset to another is provided by Intel in the article <a href=””>Can I move my RAID volume to another system and access the data?</a>

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