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I have a Gigabyte Radeon HD 4550 128mb hypermemory and a Dell inspiron 530s PC.

Ive currently overclocked my Graphics card to a core speed of 730MHz and a Memory clock of 950MHz using ATI tray tools, but when i go higher than that the card shutsdown in less than a second!, i thought of this as a temperature issue but the card runs at 70 degrees at full load. From my own knowledge i suspect this is because im trying to clock my card faster than my PCI-E bus and cant outrun my RAM which is, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz.
If i can get around this problem will i be able to clock my card even higher?? :??:
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What voltage are you using for the GPU? Because I think that's more a voltage problem that other thing.
  2. ATI tray tools says my voltage is 0.9v
  3. Exactly, too low voltage for the clock that you are trying to use.
  4. Is it safe to increase the voltage?? my PSU is 250 watts but only 120watts is used and about 150 under full load?
  5. What PSU do you have?
  6. Errm, my case is slim, i think its a mid tower so the psu is a small 250 watt unit. but the graphics card only uses 25 of the 130watts availiable.
  7. So, you have a OEM build right?
  8. Yeah,
  9. Then I see a problem here, that PSUs aren't for overclock and we don't know the quality of the voltage and power than they gives you.

    Regarding your question, if you keep the voltage in the safe limits and the temps are good too, you can rise as much as you can.
  10. So if i increase the voltage of my graphics card, it will warn me wen it gets too hot and shut itself down?
  11. Not really, you need keep your eyes in the temps HWMonitor or the same MSI Afterburner.
  12. ATI catalyst control Center has a temperature monitor and the card is 69 degrees when idle and 73 under full load, will increasing the voltage blow up my motherboard and my card?
  13. Not your board, that just kill GPU BUT if you don't do it in the proper way.
  14. How long will it take for the temperature to rise, will i have enough time to spot a change, and will there be on screen artifacts?
  15. That rise quickly and you will see screen artifacts.
  16. Ok,

    il try increasing the voltage in increments of +1 but will set the lowest clocks to start off with, hopefully i wont blow my hardware, its the only card i have
  17. Thanks for your help, iv managed to reach a stable clock of 750MHz & a memory clock of 1000MHz at 1.2v & 74 Degrees max :D
  18. Glad to hear that, enjoy it :)
  19. Is there anyway to tamper with the Shader clock, or any other settings to improve performance?? such as bandwith, or the number of stream processing units??
  20. The only think that you can do for improve performance is overclock higher, those features that you say are build from manufacturer and can't changed unless that you rebuild the GPU.
  21. I think the only parts i can overclock are the Core/Mem/shader clocks, but iv read that the shader clock can improve performance alot, especially for games like Crysis and Halo
  22. You can know that trying, do it in your GPU and compare results. Usually yeah, but you need find the "perfect" clock.
  23. Im not sure that ATI cards have shader clocks
  24. Doesn't have.
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