Phenom II X3 720 stock cooler

What can you guys tell me about it. I'm going to be getting this cpu for my brothers new gaming pc and I was wondering if I could possibly get it up to 3.0ghz - 3.2 on stock cooling.
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  1. Just saw an unboxing video on youtube and the stock cooler looks pretty sub-par. Guess im stuck with stock speeds, im sure .2ghz wouldnt make a whole lot of difference anyway.
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    probably 3,4 is the sweet spot try amd overdrive for oc and check temps +
    stability for 3.2 you shouldn't need any increase in volts
  3. Even though the stock is weak but like macro said it would easily do 3.2 on stock voltages...
    But every chip is different so yours might go higher or may just hit the cap at 3.2GHz who knows...Only when you do it you will know...
  4. You will get that much of OC easily even with that Stock cooler.

    Bonus if Room temps are lower!
  5. Yeah the thing is he has 3 reptile lamps in his room so it gets really hot, thats what im worried about.
  6. Definitely put the pc on the other side o the room!
  7. So I just got the 720 two days ago. I really expected the cooler to be a bit bigger, its only about the size of my crappy Athlon 64 X2 cooler. But im pleasantly surprised on how decent it cools. It idles around 32-34C and at 100% load it never goes above 49-50C. I was able to unlock the 4th core but the temp sensor went out when it was unlocked so I couldnt monitor temps. All in all im pretty happy with the stock cooler, prolly gonna boost it up to at least 3.2ghz.
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