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So jea I'm going to do a upgrade, with this I want a new cooler. The one I had in mind was a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B which is out of stock atm.
now, the Scythe Ninja 3 is 1.5 euros more so in budget, but is it that cooler better than the Mugen 2 Rev.B? because I can wait a while and buy it somewhere else.
I think the Ninja 3 due to it's 8 heat pipes but it's worth a question right?
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  1. nvm, I bought the ninja 3 just becouse it looks awsome and did better in reviews.
  2. Hi.

    What case do you have?, the Hyper 212+ is another good option for price/performance.
  3. I'm going for a cooler master HAF 922
  4. but erm I bought the ninja 3, it comes with cooling paste. I also have a tube of artic silver 5 (I know outdated and bla bla) but wat is better?
  5. The Ninja 3 is better and more new.
  6. the pase of ninja 3?
  7. The pre-applied thermal paste usually is good in high end coolers, so, use it and see how it performs. If you see temp problems, change it for AS5
  8. ah thanx
  9. You could have done alot worse choosing a cooler.
    The Ninja 3 and Mugen 2 are pretty much identical performance wise.
  10. ah nice, the ninja 3 looks better in my opinion, I also orderd a second fan just for overkill, where is the best place to put it? let it blow to my videocard, let it blow to the roof or let it also blow to the back?
  11. Opposite the fan you already have installed to exhaust out the rear.
  12. ah thanx.
    now if I onlay ordered a second pair of fan clips......
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