Sudden High RAM usage - Why??

My RAM and CPU usage shown on the Vista sidebar has always been close or at zero when the system is idle.

However, after upgrading from a Dual to a Quad Core Processor and overclocking the RAM and processor slightly, the RAM usage is fixed between 50 and 60% when the system is idle while the CPU value is around 0%.

I thought it might be because I overclocked the RAM & Processor but after I returned their values to run at stock speed, the RAM is still showing a usage of +50%.

Why is this??? Does upgrading the processor increase RAM usage or have I damaged it or something??

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Vista may have been glitched before because the ram can never be at 0%, there has to be something in there for windows to operate
  2. Why would you want RAM to go unused? Vista's prefetcher starts taking unused RAM and loading often-used programs and files to speed up them launching. You're fine. My Windows 7 sits around 4-5GB of usage at all times, whether I'm playing a game or just surfing on Firefox.
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