How do I know if I have TRIM support?

I'm been using a 120GB Intel SSD on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for over a month now. I've just been wondering if TRIM support is enabled. Is there an easy way that I can check?

Sorry if I'm being unclear, but SSD's are not my area of expertise :ange:

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  1. TRIM is a Windows function. By default TRIM is enabled in Windows 7. It works in conjunction with the Windows Delete, Format, and Discard commands.

    Check your Intel SSD Tool Box And Intel SSD Optimizer.
  2. JoynnyLucky is right, TRIM comes enable by default on Win 7.

    If you still want know if TRIM is enable or not, do this in the command prompt with elevated right.

    fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify.

    If you get a: DisableDeleteNotify = 0, then TRIM is enable.
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