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I'm considering a bigger SSD for my OS drive. I've gone from an Intel X-25V 40GB to an Intel X-25M 80GB. Intel includes an Intel edition of Acronis for Intel drives only, but makes it very easy for you to copy the image of your current boot drive to the new drive while extending the drive to include the additional free space of the larger drive.

Now I'm considering going to a different brand larger drive and I'm wondering if there's some software that will do the same thing (honor the 4k sector alignment and extend the drive/partition size) between brands. Any ideas?
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  1. Will Acronis Home 2011 do this allow me to move the OS image to any other brand SSD drive?
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    Acronis should indeed. It's a very good tool.
    You could try the free version of the EASEUS clone tool, which has the advantage that - it's free. But Acronis is a good thing to own.
  3. I used Acronis 2010 with no problem. Checked the alignment after cloning and no issues.
  4. There is a 'lite' Intel version of Acronis that comes with the Intel drives that makes this very easy. I've used it a couple of times since the original post and it works like a charm.

    Since my original post, I've also use EZ Gig II that comes with the Crucial M4s and on that one, you actually have to check a '4K alignment' box when going through the cloning wizard when going from an HDD to an SSD. Other than that, it works great too.
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