HD4870X2 or Nvidia GTX2** ?? Help!

Hello Forummers,

Im currently looking into buying a new pc and ive come up with the configuration the past week, the only bottleneck that im facing is my graphics card.

Ive got 500 dollars to spend on it but i cant decide which is best: the Ati Radeon HD4870X2 or a Nvidia based GTX285/275.
Im a Nvidia fanboy having seen many problems over the years with Ati and their graphics-drivers ( im not planning to start a flamewar though :) ) but it seems that a lot of tests mark the 4870x2 as the superior card.

Im not spending my money on the GTX295, too expensive at the moment.

It's a dual gpu on one card with the added bonus that some games that dont support sli/crossfire will still use the power of 2 gpu's, but the 285 gtx also established some good results on the big graphic cards test here on tomshardware.co.uk.

Do you guys ( girls ) have any insight in whats the best choice?
Im planning on playing Crysis and heard that that game is Nvidia based, will ill be able to max it out on 1920x1200 ( my native screen resolution? ).

For consideration my entire specsheet below:

Samsung 24' 2443 BW Monitor

OCZ 6 gb 1600LVG6K memory
Intel Core I7 920
Scythe Mugen 2 Cooling
Coolermaster Silent Pro 700M Feed
Samsung Spinpoint F1 7200rpm 1 Terabyte Hard-Disk
Antec Nine Hundred II
MSI X58 PRO-E Motherboard

and offcourse the choice of the graphics card is still open!
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  1. The HD4870X2 2 GB is the faster card, but not by much over the GTX285.
  2. Here is a review:

    AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2: R700 First-Look

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