Core i7 920 or amd phenom II X4 955 for gaming?

Hey all.I want to upgrade my PC for gaming.When it comes to cpu,I dont know if I have to buy a core i7 920 or phenom 2 x4 955.For sure,the price is really important for there a huge difference between these cpu's?i know that the mainboard that supports i7 is much more expensive than the one which supports amd is amd a better choice?are they almost equal in gaming performance or there is a huge difference?I really need your help
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  1. As far as gaming goes they are even, they are both fast and terrific overclockers and they both work well with high end graphics cards. Personally i prefer the 955 because it makes more sense financially . you will never use the i7 to its true potential unless you do high end multi tasking and cpu intensive tasks and even then the 955 can hold its own quite easily
  2. what he said :)
    just get a good graphic card as well thats where gaming counts
  3. pick the Phenom II 955, especially since the price is important to you
  4. core i5 is good too but all the i5 needs is a good cooler like hyper 212+
  5. ubernoobie said:
    core i5 is good too but all the i5 needs is a good cooler like hyper 212+

    Not really...

    But I agree that Phenom II X4 955 makes more sense financially than Core i7 920. You really wouldn't need that much power in gaming anyway.
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