CPU Fan running at constant 5000 RPM.

After my local Best Buy replace the Motherboard, the CPU fan runs at max speed constantly from boot.
I checked SpeedFan and my Core temp is 28C, and everything else 40C-45C.
I've updated BIOS and reapplied thermal compound (AS5).
I normally use a 600W PSU and a HD 5770, but im waiting to get my PSU replaced and until then, im using the stock 300W PSU and a HD 4650.
My computer is a Gateway DX4300-03.
Phenom II X4
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  1. Enable the Q-Fan function in BIOS.....Make sure that you have a 4-pin PWM fan
  2. I have Cool n' Quiet enabled, as well as CPU Smart Fan Control and Sys Smart Fan Control both enabled.
    My fan is 3 pin and uses 3/4 pins on my motherboard.
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    You are gonna need a 4-pin PWM fan to be able to lower the RPM's(noise)..3-pin fans are gonna need a fan controller to turn them down...BTW..since Best Buy changed it they should fix this for you...I mean you did pay a good deal of cash to get it repaired there right...then they should remedy this for you ASAP....
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