Intel announces 510 ssd's


UPDATE - Intel issued an official press release this morning announcing their 510 Series ssd's:

Crank up the sound and watch the three Intel promo videos! :lol:

Hot Hardware published specifications for the new ssd's:
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  1. Thanks for sharing JohnnyLucky!!

    Now we need the benchmarks, specially compared against the Vertex 3, C300 and C400 (when released :D )
  2. With a little luck there might be 3 technical reviews published tomorrow. :)

    Hot Hardware stated they have not yet received a 510 for review.
  3. Found this over in several mainstream web sites a little while ago:

    "The 510 SSDs are available in 120GB capacities at $284 each (price per 1,000 units) and in 250GB versions ($584 each per 1,000 units)."

    If that wholesale price is correct, then the retail price will be higher.
  4. I read two technical reviews today. I also visted a couple of forums. Lots of disappointment with the performance and prices of the 510's.
  5. Here is the reviews I saw...

    I'm not very impressed or excited about it's performance. I'm hoping if it is a true performance measurement that the G3 will perform much better!!
  6. NEWS FLASH!!!

    I have always maintained that the Intel 510 solid state drives were Generation 2 (G2) and not Generation 3 (G3) drives. The specifications and the technical reviews bear me out.

    Intel will release their new 320 Series, 25nm NAND, Generation 3 (G3) solid state drives about the middle of next month. Here's a link to the information:

    •250MB/sec read, 170MB/sec write
    •Up to 50K and 40K IOPS for random 4KB read and write respectively
    •30TB to 60TB worth of 4KB random writes

    No indication which model the specs are for.
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