q6600 bottleneck GTX260 sli

will q6600 bottleneck a GTX260 sli.
so far im copping nice bottlenecks on stock cpu settings @ 2.4ghz. im now on 3.6ghz and am copping blue screens. mainly when cpu is under heavy load.
if anyone nows what the problem might be it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Yes.
    But what resoloution are you using and is this for an upgrade, if so which motherboard and PSU do you have?
  2. yes this is an upgrade and im on 1920 x 1080. on an asus p5nd 750i sli board. and a silverstone 850 watt psu.
  3. 1920x1080. asus p5nd 750i sli board. silverstone 850 watt.
  4. You will get a boost although I'm not sure by how much, the best gains are likely to be improved image quality: Higher settings and more AA/AF without too much loss of framerates.
    Check the CPU temperatures! I think you are pushing the CPU overclock too hard, causing the BSODs.
  5. ummm. i dont think my cpu temps r rite. i checked and there idling at 25 degrees and thats wen im overclocked @ 3.6ghz. i bumped up the clocks that high because my cpu was bottlenecking my 2 cards.
  6. my Q6600 OC'd at 3.6GHz with good air cooling (CoolerMaster Hyper212) and case airflow (Antec P182) under load (Prime95) is about 75c

    mine is stable for 12 hours testing at 1.38vcore
  7. Your Q6600 at around 3.2 should be enough to push the sli GTX 260. Going to 3.6 Ghz might give you better benchmark scores but hardly noticeable real gaming framerate increase. What aftermarket COU cooler are you using and what's your vcore at 3.6 Ghz?
  8. the vaults r on 1.5 at the moment but ther not stable. Zalman CNPS9700NT CPU Cooler
  9. mines stable for ages only if im not doing heavy stuff like stress testing. lol
  10. To be honest I didn't like the high temps and didn't need the extra speed yet, so my mine 24/7 @ 3GHz and 1.336 vcore

    Might have to up that OC again when I upgrade my old 8800GT in a few months time ^^

    I think the best thing to do is knock your OC back to 3 - 3.3ish GHz for now as HundredIslandsBoy mentioned, 1.5vcore will be making a Lot of heat at 3.6. Don't know your cooler well, but is probably struggling with the heat which is probably causing your crashes

    When working, they say most MB temp readouts are 10c too cool - four our generations of boards anyway
    a proggy called Core Temp is accurate I understand. According to this mine went as high as 77c
  11. i was using a program called real temp and the cores were idling between 23 and 35. that doesnt seem right at all to me. with my cpu overclocked to 3.6ghz. ill try putting down the voltages though see if it makes a difference. and downclock it a bit iswell.
  12. I found at 3.3 temps dropped a decent amount, but going down to 3GHz made the biggest difference.

    Anyways, Good Luck finding a good balance ^^
  13. 1.5 vcore at 24/7 is bordering on cooking or more like deep frying your q6600 CPU.

    If you want more performance for gaming, sell your Q6600 and get an e8600 which you can easily overclock to 3.6 Ghz, possibly 4.0 Ghz depending on your system. If you manage to play games at 4 Ghz, you'll run into another issue which is you will be nearly causing your GTX 260 to become the bottleneck and of course you will want the GTX 285!
  14. If you're more into overclocking (benchmarks) than actual gaming, there are many p45 motherboards better at OC'ing than your P5N-D which, btw, I also use for both OC'ing and gaming.
  15. To brag (but only humbly), my e8400 at 4 Ghz and single card GTX 260 gets slightly over 18,200 on 3dMark06. What does your GTX 260 sli get?
  16. sweet thanx. that was the exact cpu i was after. but i wasnt sure if it was good for my system. i probably will sell my q6600 and get the e8600 now.
  17. wtf. k i wish got that score but for some reason (i dont even think its normal). the last time i ran the test i got 17983. so nearly 18000 lol.
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