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HI to everyone

I have a small problem that I can't seem to find the answer to.

Everytime I go to a website it takes about 10-12 secs before it start to load the page.

this only happens when Im connected to my router. If I connect the computer straight to my modem this doesn't happen, I type the website address and boom it loads up in less than 2 secs. but like i said if im connected to my router it takes a while to start loading the webpage, if i disconnect the power on my router and connect it back it loads pages quickly but then after a while it starts to load them up slowly. Downloading is quick no problem there but loading up pages is what is pissing me off :fou: .

I have cable internet with Road Runner and get speeds up to 20mbps. im sure its not my internet service it must be the router.

I have a D-Link DIR-655
Hardware Vers: A4
Firmware Vers: 1.21

If anybody has had a similar problem please help me out. If you need any info i will post ASAP.
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  1. I was running windows 7 x64 ultimate, i thought i had some type of virus or something so i reformatted my hard drive and installed Ubuntu 9.10
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