Need help. Any GT AP-15's + Corsair H50 (push-pull) combo users?

Hey everyone, I am ready to start installing my H50 pump that I bought a year ago!

Currently, I am using my stock HSF. I have never installed an aftermarket cooler before, so this would be my first time. Hence, I wanted to ask to make sure I will be installing it properly.

My system specs:

Antec 900 (semi-modded)
Asus P6T SE Mobo
i7 930 CPU (currently using stock HSF)
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HD
Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 GFX
G-Skill 2x3GB (6GB) RAM
Antec TruePower 650W

What I have in my possession:

2 of the Scythe GT AP-15 fans (for push-pull configuration)
Corsair H50
ArctiClean cleaning solution

My current status is I have taken the motherboard/CPU/RAM/GFX card out (I believe my DVD-RW & hard drive are still in there--not sure if I will need to take them out or not) of the case and will install the actual H50 pump components next.

My plan of action next is to install the actual H50 pump + radiator/fan combo. After that has been done, I will clean the CPU using some ArctiClean solution I had bought 6 years ago.

I am going with an intake method of the push-pull, so it would look like this:

*Rear of case*Fan>>H50Radiator>>Fan*Front of case*

Basically the fans will be blowing the hot air from the radiator into the case. I may also use the already-existing TriCool fan (that I removed to install the radiator) and put it on the side of the case to do another "intake" of pulling of cold air.

However, before I can proceed, I am in need of your guys' help again. As I try to install the system, I have a few more questions:

1) Just noticed something on the TIM paste that comes from the H50 pump. It appears my paste's outer surface may be damaged/scratched. Not sure if this would be okay? I'm very meticulous when it comes to maximizing cooling capabilities, and it doesn't help that I am sort of a perfectionist. Would I need to remove this paste and re-apply (with my own) since there is a little un-even surface there? I have attached a picture depicting what I am talking about: I am unsure if this would affect overall cooling performance. It looks like the unevenness is on the outer circle, which means that it's not centered where the CPU cores are located. Do you think this would be ok?

2) Anyone know know which direction the AP-15 fans blow air in? I assume it is the side where there is no blockage (aka the front non-sticker side), like as shown in this picture: It seems like judging by the way the blades spin, this is the true direction in which the air is blown in. I know this may sound like a ridiculous question, because I wanted to make sure I am installing the push-pull correctly for the two fans to "sandwich" the radiator.

3) The H50 comes attached with 4 long screws, but they do not fit into the AP-15 fans. They fit perfectly into the radiator, though. How should I approach this push-pull method? Would I need to buy 4 DIFFERENT screws altogether? The AP-15's themselves come with larger (in terms of width) screws that are shorter (in length). Hence, if I were to try to get a long-enough screw that would thread to both the 2 fans and radiator, it would be impossible since the radiator and fan threads are all different. I have attached pics here: I have come up with different solutions of installing the screws. Please advise me which way is preferred:

a) Buy 4 different screws long enough to screw both the two fans and radiator at once? The Corsair FAQs list "6 x 32 x 1 1/4"" as an appropriate length/size for a push-pull, but I doubt this would even work because even if I were able to put the screws into the radiator, the fan attaching to the rear of the case would not be screwed in properly. I am also unsure if I should screw the screws from the rear of the case to the back of the last fan or in the opposite direction?

b) Try to use a combo of the screws for attaching the radiator and two fans or a different combination of attaching different screws in various places? I am not sure how to proceed on this one because I am unsure if I need to screw in the radiator all the way or "just enough" so it gets sandwiched and stays (meaning, does the radiator vibrate? I do not want it to fall off due to improper screws).

c) Another way?

Phew! Hope this makes some sense. I apologize for any confusion caused. I'll try to explain things clearer if it does not make sense.

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  1. 1) The paste is fine, those litte imperfections won't even contact the cpu.
    2) Look for the little arrow on the fans case.
    3) Put the little bag of GT15 fan screws in the drawer, hit the Home Depot or Lowes and get some 6-32 x 1.25 " screws. Don't need longer screws, unless you're using a shroud.
  2. Push/pull...both fans blow the same direction...mount them one on each side of the rad. There should be a molded arrow that points the direction of can also tell by orienting the fan to see the cupped side. This is the side that airflow will come from.
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