Problems with Windows 7 upgrade from XP on Acer notebook - help!

Hi, I have a problem with my acer aspire one notebook. At the weekend I (perhaps stupidly) decided that upgrading my exitsing XP home edition to Windows 7 professional would be a good idea.

I have a reasonable amount of knowledge when it comes to computers but, it appears, not quite enough to resolve the problems that have occurred as a result.

I managed to create a bootable usb using the Win7 iso and installed Win7 without any problems. However, I did this by just running the setup.exe from the usb and not by booting from the usb or deleting the previously installed xp files or the partition it was on.

Everything seemed fine though, it created a windows.old folder and Win7 appeared to work ok, Then I realised that the 'tap to select' function on the mousepad didn't work anymore. I checked the drivers but got a message to say there were no errors and the latest version of the driver for this was installed. I then tried IE8 and found it kept crashing and this was followed by a couple of blue screens and restarts.

I then started to wish I hadn't changed to Win7 after all and tried to follow the procedure to revert to xp using the command prompt option from the 'repair os' option you can select by booting from the usb with Win7 on it as per the instructions on the microsoft site. I followed this procedure to the end and restarted and the xp screen came up fine at start up but then went into an endless cycle of blue screens and restarts.

At this point I decided to reinstall Win7 as at least it would start up this way. This I did and for 2 days everything has been fine. On the second attempt the touchpad tapping worked fine, as did IE8 and I reinstalled all my previous programs with no trouble at all. In resinstalling Win7 the only thing I did notice was that it was crested another Windows.od folder but names Windows.old.000.

Then tonight I have suddenly lost my wireless network connection. I have tried toggling the wireless switch and checking the network connection troubleshooter but with no luck. I know my wireless isn't down because another laptop I have connects fine so I can only presume that it is an upgrade related problem. I've just tried a systen restore and running a virus scan just in case but with no luck.

So, after all that (apologies for such a long explanation!) I have some questions.

1) Was it a stupid idea to try and upgrade to Win7 and if so how can I go back to xp as this worked fine?
2) Can I still use the acer Alt/F10 option I keep reading about to restore back to factory settings and xp from the 'hidden partition'?
3) If not, can I reformat the hard drive and reinstall a copy of xp if I can find an xp iso as I still have the licence key for my oem copy?
4) Did this happen because I didn't run the Win7 upgrade by booting from the usb and if so is there a way of still using Win7 by reinstalling it in a different way (it's the Win7 professional upgrade version)?

Either way I just want my notebook to work again and I don't really care anymore which os it uses. Please someone help me out here!
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  1. oh...and apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this in but i was a bit confused. I did search for similar problems and this seemed to be where most of the similar questions were posted but feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place!)
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