USB 3.0 front panel to SATA MB connector


I have a CM HAF X case ( ) and it has 2 front usb 3.0 ports but they only provide a usb to usb cable to connect to the back usb ports of the MB.

My MB is Gigabyte GA-X56A-UD5 ( ), so I want to connect the front panel usb 3.0 connectors to my MB sata ports.

Is it possible? If so, how?

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    Until the USB3 standard is, in fact a standard, the solution is the one Coolermaster provided - plug the front panel cable into the rear USB3 ports. You can route it through one of the rubber grommets on the top back of the case.

    p.s. you cannot and would not want to connect a USB cable to a SATA port.
  2. Thanks alot.
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  4. You're welcome.
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