I have a Segate ST3500641AS hard drive with Win XP Pro. I lost the whole thing..

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  1. did it fall in the toilet? i lost a hard drive like that once.

    Drinking + PC upgrading = doesn't mix

    on a serious note*

    SO the harddrive is just bare? does it show the max capacity available?

    What were you doing and what steps happened before it went down?

    Thxs more info the better
  2. OK Fished the drive out of the toilet.
    It was working just fine then one day The power went out or something while I was at work. I got a message that it could not read the NTFS boot sector.
    I decided it was just lost and reinstalled Win XP Pro. XP saw the original installation but would not repair. I told it to make a new partition and install. I then had a running computer but later decided I wanted to retrieve the info on first partition. Took it to work and hooked it up and Wah Lah! I had original partition boot. Now I have backed up this partition I want some files from the swcond partition but can not find it.

    Thank you.

    Franklin Pahl
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