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Hi, I've been interested in getting into water/liquid cooling for my PC for a while now & I have done a lot of research so this will probably be a lengthy set and series of concerns and questions. I don't know if anyone has seen a website called - digitalstorm.com but over there, they have this really nice liquid chilled system that is keeping the temperature of the processor around 32F I believe. Is there anyway to make a system like this? Or buy the parts needed? If not, what is the best way or wayS bar none, don't care about price to cool a PC? I'm probably going with a normal case BUT my motherboard will most likely be micro because that's all I need. There's micro boards under $100 that support 32GB of RAM and can support 6 core processors so I feel I'm good there. I also saw a link on this website to this system and would love to learn more about it but it seems to be out-dated or whatnot = The Prometeia Cooling System.

Also, any advice on what a safe temperature a AMD 6 core 3.3Ghz black edition processor should be running at would be appreciated as well. I'm thinking 120F or below is safe?

I'd like some advice on how the best possible solutions to keep my graphics card cool, my hard drives, my memory and even if required my power supply. I know this setup requires 5-7 parts including tubing and such so if your an "expert" at this stuff, I'd love to hear from you and hear your advice. I'd also like to try to keep the system quiet as possible. I appreciate your time and thank you in advance. : )
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  1. Well... first off you need to know what exactly you're going to be cooling. I mean the system specs, and specifics. Exactly which graphics card, what case, etc.

    Also what is your goal for this PC? Cooling HDDs, PSU, and memory is usually useless for most people.

    First thing you should do is decide on the full parts list for the PC, and once you have that you can start planning the watercooling based on the amount of heat being produced, the room inside your case, and the delta you're aiming for.
  2. Hi, I want extreme cooling whether I need it or not. It would be an AMD 3.3Ghz 6 core processor. I can't name all the parts as I am unsure what they would be at this point but I am looking for as cold as I can get temperatures inside my case no matter the price. Forget about the little details. I want to know what is the bottomline best cooling setup I can have in my "rig". Pretend my case is huge and can fit anything. Goal for the PC is just to have a killer water/liquid cooling system inside it. I'm not even a gamer so I don't need some $250 dollar graphic chip.

    Thanks. : )
  3. Well if you want extreme cooling you need to look into phase change. That's far and away above my little experience but basically the easiest way is to buy a room air conditioner and convert it to pump sub zero liquid through your system, which will need a lot of protection from frost buildup.
  4. Haha, that sounds like a good idea but lets try to keep all work IN THE CASE, lol. I want to be able to move the case or bring it somewhere easily if I have to and look neat. Also, I don't know a whole lot about that either, maybe someone else who does know can comment on this thread. : )
  5. Ok well if you want it all in the case then as far as I know you just need to go with regular old watercooling, and overdose on radiators.

    Like I said before, you need to know exactly what components you're going to be cooling to get an idea of the heat output, then you can find how much radiator area you need.

    Here's a fun site with lots of info:
  6. Not sure you can over rad a water loop and keep it in the case these days without a full tower case...or some modding. Even so, you then need the great air flow over the rads to dissipate the heat watts you are pulling out of the loop.

    There isn't a magic bullet for what you appear to be chasing...but understanding exactly what you want to accomplish, with the budget you have and knowing the heat dump and delta of your loop make a huge difference in this planning stage.
  7. well as far as parts going inside the case, I was looking at getting perhaps one of those cube cases.....
  8. Like Mountain Mods, or............? You are going to need a decent sized one. MM cases are specifically built for watercooling projects...and also quite pricey. Very good quality and looks, though.
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